A musician/artist at heart, I am a “forever student” in the art of holistic health, plant based nutrition, vitality, healing, detoxification, regeneration, herbal medicine: you name it, I want to learn it from top to bottom. With a history of fertility concerns, ovarian cysts, extreme weight fluctuations, depression, kidney stones, kidney & sinus infections… I came to a crossroad and took the path less traveled: taking responsibility for my own health through drastically changing my lifestyle. This lifestyle change began during my first pregnancy, and thus entailed the slow and steady route of patience.  From my own positive experiences and knowledge gained, I wanted other women (especially moms) to know how holistic lifestyle changes could drastically alter their relationship with themselves and their loved ones.  After earning a health coach certification, I pursued more in depth knowledge in nutritional medicine through personal research and eventually to pursue more credentials as a certified herbalist. I hope you find inspiration, motivation, resources, tools and further assistance through the Eye Love Health site!

Change from the INSIDE OUT leaves ZERO regrets, and can only result in progress!

Left: Winter 2010, 5 pounds shy of obesity, 3 weeks pregnant with first child; Right: Spring 2014, 5 months post-delivering second child.
Left: Spring 2014, 3mos. postpartum (2nd child)  Right: Summer 2017, 2 months pregnant

Natural Education Background and Pursuits


Certified L.E.A.N. Start Health Coach – Dr. Sears Wellness Institute (March 2015)


Current Studies: Certified Herbalist through Joyful Living Services



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